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Event Date: 04/29/2011

Tornadoes in the South and Midwest: Tzu Chi volunteers assess tornado damages in the state of Georgia and are providing assistance in other states
ˇ·Tzu Chi USA

Several states in the South and Midwest have suffered tremendous damages after the tornadoes swept through these states. Currently, Tzu Chi is providing relief in North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia and Alabama.

A team of volunteers from Tzu Chi’s Atlanta Branch Office traveled to the counties of Spalding, Lamar and Rabun in the state of Georgia to assess damages on April 29. The volunteers brought daily necessities and cleaning supplies such as shampoo, gloves, masks and goggles (for purpose of removing debris) to the tornado survivors.

Tzu Chi continues to monitor the needs of disaster survivors, and Tzu Chi’s family services will be activated to provide aid to individual households who suffered from the tornadoes. If you would like to make a donation to support tornado survivors in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic, please click here.


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