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Hide details for CharityCharity
05/23/2011Tzu Chi volunteers conduct tornado relief assessment in Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee
05/20/2011Families struggle to recover after tornadoes
05/13/2011Tornado and Flood Disaster Relief in the South and Midwest
04/26/2011Local Haitian volunteers make home visits to the children and parents in the Back-to-school program
04/24/2011Volunteers in North Carolina hold distribution for tornado survivors
04/10/2011Caring for orphans and conducting home visits in the Greater Durban Area, South Africa
03/30/2011Haitian volunteers continue their regular charity work and fundraise for the people in Japan
03/19/2011Cleveland volunteers deliver aid to flood-affected residents in Valley View, Ohio
03/19/2011New York Tzu Chi volunteers provide assistance to fire survivors in Brooklyn and care for survivors of a major bus accident in Bronx
03/13/2011Children donate money during fundraising activities in Atlanta
03/05/2011Collegiate volunteers learn lessons not taught in class
01/01/2011Volunteers in San Francisco deliver aid to fire survivors on New Year's Day
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03/26/2011Tzu Chi conducts free clinic in Lo Prado, Chile
Hide details for Humanistic CultureHumanistic Culture
02/16/2011Tzu Chi speaks at a lecture at Harvard Business School
Hide details for Diaster ReliefDiaster Relief
04/29/2011Tornadoes in the South and Midwest: Tzu Chi volunteers assess tornado damages in the state of Georgia and are providing assistance in other states
04/29/2011Tzu Chi delivers aid to 1,200 disaster survivors in Japan
03/20/2011Tzu Chi conducts free clinic and distribution in Brazil in an area severely affected by mudslide
Hide details for International ReliefInternational Relief
01/14/2011Memorial ceremony for Haiti earthquake in Port-au-Prince
01/11/2011Help Haiti with Love: One-Year Report
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06/23/2011Relieved and Reassured
06/23/2011Tzu Chi volunteers prepare and distribute hot meals to tornado survivors in Joplin City, MO
04/29/2011Hygiene class for children of Haiti¡¦s Back-To-School Project
03/29/2011Tzu Chi delivers 20 tons of relief goods to 7,000 in Northeast Japan

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